How to read the Ace to the 10 of Swords

The idea for this video began with a statement in Valentia Straiton's book The Celestial Ship of the North that - the sword is a symbol of Justice and never of sacrifice.

This helps to explain why there is a sword so prominently displayed in the Justice card. There is also a whole suit of Swords, however, and it is interesting to take the idea of the sword as justice and see how it can be applied to the minor trumps.

There is a bit of introduction about the value of making your own connections between symbols and cards; then the suit is dealt with from the Ace through to the 10, Four Major trumps are cosidered briefly at the end.

Part One - 8 minutes 09 seconds


Part Two - 8 minutes 47 seconds


Part Three - 7 minutes 47 seconds


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