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Recommended books by Vernon Howard and Eric Butterworth

We sometimes want to know how best to handle a situation. Family members and neighbours can offer advice, but it is often advice that they themselves ought to follow, and doesn't apply much to us.

You can turn to experts, but there is no guarantee with them either.

Why not do something ridiculous and depend on your own inner and creative self?

We are always partly responsible for what is happening to us, so if we accept this and do things even slightly differently, we will face a different set of conditions - and if we think correctly, the new situation will be what we actually want.

We need help in the beginning to get some ideas on how to think and deal with problems.

In one of this songs, Bob Dylan wrote:

Though the rules of the road have been lodged,
It's people's games you've got to dodge.

The recommended books with their links below will explain, not only how to recognize people's games, but how to dodge them as well.

We recommend two authors - Vernon Howard and Eric Butterworth - and some of their books are linked below.

They both write about the inner self, which is where we really begin and end.

There is a better way - and both authors write about what to do (and why to do it) so we can have a better and fuller life that we enjoy living.

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Vernon Howard:

  1. The Mystic Path to Cosmic Power
  2. The Power of Your Supermind
  3. The Mystic Masters Speak
  4. 1500 Ways To Escape The Human Jungle
  5. There Is A Way Out



Eric Butterworth

  1. The Power Within You
  2. The Universe Is Calling
  3. The Creative Life
  4. Spiritual Economics




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