The Chariot - 7


ChariotThe card for number 7 is entitled The Chariot; or should it be The Charioteer? The name points to the vehicle; we might wonder about the role of the driver.

A chariot is a vehicle that will take you from point A to point B. There is movement and activity connected with this number, and that can be awkward since there is change going on; it's not about standing still, though that might be easier.

There are about 28 days in a moon cycle; each quarter lasts for 7 days. At the first quarter, we can usefully test our decisions and figure out future steps. It's a good time to set things up for the rest of the cycle because it's still quite near the beginning, but not so far in that matters have become fixed and hard to change.

If you don't know your destination, however, or the situation you want to arrive at, decide now.

If you already know where you're going, be sure that you still want to go there. Based on your experiences so far, if the end point doesn't seem so desirable, now is the time to change it. If you are happy with the destination, then think through how you are going to get there, or how you are going to do what you want to do.

Consider your original or early thoughts about the question, or the methods you have been using so far. Can they be tweaked to make them better? If they're not in fact working well or well enough, fix them or replace them. Lots of people have pointed out that wisdom is learning from one's mistakes and not making the same ones over and over again. Einstein said something about insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly, but expecting different results. Be wise; avoid insanity.

A chariot was originally a two-wheeled vehicle used in war, races and processions. With this in mind, we might want to make the most of the situation by emphasizing certain qualities or abilities that the driver ought to display:

The chariot has been assembled by others who displayed their own skill or expertise. You are the driver or the director of the operation. Others supply the power; you steer. What is - or what is going to be - the best use of your time and energy? You don't have to do everything yourself; you don't have to re-invent the wheel; concentrate on a good product, or a valuable final outcome.

There is a story about the Greek god Phaeton, who drove the chariot of the sun each day from east to west. He rashly allowed his son to take the reins one day, to make the boy feel better about his non-god state. The horses recognized that they had a different driver, and fought against his control. The sun came too close to earth, and burned up the landscape. There are a number of lessons touched on in this myth. How many apply to your question? Will you make the same mistake as Phaeton, his son, or the horses?