Death - 13


Death13 is the Death card, but it doesn't mean that you're going to keel over in the next five minutes. Instead, it's time for a change, a new beginning or just something different.

You may need to let go of the past:

You have probably heard it said that death is inevitable, but it's Life that can't be avoided. If you don't see the truth of this, all you need to do is to think of the ever-increasing population of the planet, and of nature bursting forth in springtime. Life will express itself.

With Death, you have reached an end point. You have to wonder if you can really take it - the components of the problem or the question - any further. Is there any life left in it; haven't you really taken it as far as you can go? It looks like you can't do much more with the situation, at least in its present condition, so take a new creative step, or do something else - do something inventive, clever, original. You have it in you if you only look for it.

How willing are you to leave the old for the new? The answer to this question will determine how receptive your thought will be to advanced ideas - and to ideas that will move your life forward. If you commit to the past, don't be surprised if your imagination shrivels up.

Or, consider the ideas that come to you. They will not be the same as before, so don't treat them as if they are. There is more in them - and more to them - than you may first think.

13 is supposed to be unlucky, and fear of this number even has its own name: triskaidekaphobia. It may be supposed to bring misfortune since, as the first number after 12, it is the first new and potentially tricky step in a new cycle. A touch of the: Better the devil you know than the devil you don't know syndrome, perhaps?

Do you avoid walking under ladders, or throw salt over your shoulder? Probably not; it's a bit too primitive. You may still, however, let yourself be controlled by omens or "signs". How seriously should we treat superstitions or superstitious behaviour? Professional sportsmen often have an almost sacred routine they go through before a game. What do they tell themselves, though, when they lose - as happens - or play badly - as also happens? Their magic ingredient didn't work, but it did keep them helpless or dependent on some supposedly greater power that doesn't really pay them any attention.

It may be a good mind game; but it's not a good foundation on which to build.

With 13, the point may be that we should go beyond apparent completeness. Someone wrote about the importance of accelerating through the finish line, rather than just making it to that point. You can download a free .pdf copy of Your Business Brickyard by Howard Mann via a link at the bottom left of the site. His suggestions are useful, but not just for business people; they are of practical value and may be applied in all areas of life.

What next?
You may be thinking that more development isn't correct or would not be possible. Are you sure?

13, coming after 12, may be the first step of a new year or a new cycle, and there can be anxiety. Fair enough. We may not know the nature of the new cycle, however; it may not be the same as before; it may be less difficult this time rather than more so. You may prefer the comfort of the known, but that can mean missing out on the challenges that an interesting time would bring.

A good first step is to clean up your situation; remove any mess - physical, mental, spiritual, emotional. Then you create fresh space for new growth. Don't begin again until you have cleaned up; don't expect much if you build on the old.