The Emperor - 4


Emperor4 is The Emperor - the man at the top; the boss; the CEO; the alpha male; the one who pulls the strings.

This shows someone in a high, controlling position, someone who makes the rules and has them enforced without too much effort. He is obeyed.

If the question is about how to deal with a situation, then enforce your will (assuming that you know what your will actually is). Someone has to be in charge, and it's you. You ought to be able to handle the responsibilities. If you make a mistake, learn from it; it's not a reason to give up.

An empire is a large-scale organization, but you may have to scale down the idea to fit your question or situation. So, even if it's only a two or three-member team, it still needs leadership and control by a dominating influence. Should you delegate? Maybe; or yes, as long as the intended assistant can handle what is required. Once the plan or the project is on the way to its goal, you may decide to step aside.

We might notice the barrenness of the surroundings on the mountain top. This is a good thing because it means you can focus and concentrate. There are no distractions that would cause you to shift your attention from what is important. Take advantage of this condition.

Examine the situation with a view to improving it, rather than close your eyes to what is going on. This may require you to have the courage to face yourself and your needs. An honest inventory is a good place to start.