The Empress - 3



3 is The Empress.

This looks good, and comfortable and to be enjoyed, so things ought to go well. If you are looking for success in some form, then it will arrive. Is there a connection with the number 3 that is so many people's lucky number? Is 3 lucky because people believe it; or do people believe it because 3 is lucky?

Three is a trio. It might remind us of father, mother, child, so this is the offspring of a creative partnership that is strong and viable, giving expression to life's on-going increase. You are fruitful and can bring forth your ideas and plans into the world. Be confident; Life, with a capital L, is the only thing that is inevitable.

The card is named The Empress, but we are not in Victoria's England, or Catherine the Great's Russia. There are not too many actual empresses in power nowadays. Do you have to capitalize on scarcity, or make the most of the fact of exclusivity? This is not for the masses or for everyone.

This may be the focus of your marketing efforts - find a niche, rather than compete in the mass market.

Whatever you want to do can be done, but how does the feminine get results? Probably not by going out and beating the opposition into submission. Maybe she is capable of this, though there is the idea, perhaps in Sun Tzu's The Art of War, that if you have to resort to armed conflict, no matter how strong your army, you have already lost.

Does the Empress understand opposites? When we say, I love you, we also mean, I love me. Read Confucius and Mencius for guidance on how the superior man acts. You will find downloadable books at

The Empress is a strong, dominant woman. Back in today's world, however, she will have to deal with a double standard since men in high positions are treated differently. Don't expect support, or don't expect as much support as your rivals get. You may have to work twice as hard for half the reward - but take it in your stride because that's the way it is in the situation you are involved with. Why waste your time and energy complaining? As Kurt Vonnegut used to say from time to time in his books: So it goes.