The Fool - 0



0 is the Fool, and first let's say that you're not being told that you are an idiot.

At the same time, though, the word comes from a root that means bellows or inflated ball so you can be advising yourself to not get too far ahead of yourself. Watch you don't develop or assume an inflated sense of your own abilities, strengths, etc. Reality checks are a good thing.

About two thousand five hundred years ago, Laozi wrote in the Tao Te Ching:

May not the space between heaven and earth be compared to a bellows? Emptied, yet it loses not its power; moved again, and it sends forth air the more.

You probably didn't realize how sophisticated you are.

0 - zero - can be considered as the initial point or origin. There is therefore lots of potential, and that is probably a good thing - assuming you do something with it - since you can pretty much go where you please and do what you want. You can go in any direction - so it may be a good idea to explore for a while to get a clear picture in your mind, in the short-term at least, rather than assume you know the outcome.

Being the initial point, though, you have to deal with emptiness. How are you going to fill your life or whatever the question relates to? What thoughts are you going to choose to entertain? Make them good and productive, and reject the negative. What kind of thinking will you perform? Exercise control, and you will connect with a greater purpose. You are filling a space, and you want to - or ought to - bring in the best.

Generally speaking, it's not a good idea to twist things unrealistically in order to be positive. We do want the number to provide solutions, however; so we should figure out what can be done to bring them closer.

Zero is nothing before it becomes something, or nothing that can become something, so there is huge potential, but will you do something with it?

As a beginning point, there is inexperience. You may be old and wise in many areas, but you can still be new to the area or to the subject. This can be the successful businessman who takes up art, so there needs to be a different sensibility. Or it could be the expert care-giver who decides to learn business, or blogging, or web-design. It's new for a time.

The picture on the card shows the Fool going in a downwards direction, as if he is re-entering the everyday world, for better or worse. He is leaving isolation behind - at least we assume there will be more people on the plains than higher up the mountain. He is facing a less solitary future; there will be people to deal with and relate to. Do you have a set of rules, or a policy, that you will use in your relationships? You will be better off if you have one.

This card might be considered as the Joker in the pack. What can this tell us?

The Joker has a variety of uses, so this can be a hard card to have picked. There may simply be too much choice; patience is a virtue while you sort out a direction.

The Joker is often omitted in an actual game, so you may be ignored. Don't assume that you will get the attention you think you deserve.

The Joker is sometimes the most harmful of cards, and it can therefore indicate great troubles. It is also sometimes the most beneficial, so great success and fulfillment can be yours, perhaps because you are adaptable and can fit in anywhere - the Joker can be wild, after all.