The Hanged Man - 12


Hanged Man12 is The Hanged Man, and we see someone hanging upside down who seems to have had his arms tied behind his back.

Even if it's hard to imagine that he could get himself into this odd position on his own, we ought to consider if - or how much - the situation has been of his own making. If you are looking for the solution to a problem, then we can ask: In what way did you contribute to its creation? That may be important to think about. Identify the actions that produced or encouraged difficulties - or a hostile reaction on the part of others, rivals or not. Then change those actions - reverse them, fix them, just stop doing them, or stop acting that way. You know what makes sense.

On the other hand, the more obvious reading is that the man has been restricted in his ability to move, and has been confined or in some way been tied up.

Thus: you might not be able to do much about your predicament right now; you may not be able to affect or influence the situation. This can, however, be an opportunity - a good time to develop patience, or to be patient while the situation unfolds the way it is going to. You can't always get what you want, it seems. Be sure, though, that you don't already have it, because we can get in our own way.

So: what have you been wishing for, or expecting? What sort of pictures have you been holding in the forefront of your mind? What has been your predominant mental attitude? What have you been afraid of? Isn't there a statement somewhere along the lines of: That which I feared the most has come to pass? Don't we create our own prison cells by entertaining certain thoughts? Can't we then escape by thinking other thoughts? Yes, we can.

What is really going on in everyday life?

The world seems like a realm of opposites. I don't know most bullies, but I imagine that most of them are scared, and that they were pushed around when they were young. Their behaviour is stuck in the past, in an endless loop. Lots of people have opinions and beliefs that they accepted unthinkingly once upon a time; it is liberating if we can see in its true light the nonsense we have taken as our own - it has no power; it is just nothing masquerading as something. It is true enough that: The unexamined life is not worth living. So examine it.

A whole cycle
12 is the number of months in a year, as well as signs in the zodiac. It shows a complete cycle.

You got the number 12 as your answer, or as the next step. It looks like the end of the cycle is almost there - but not quite yet. Hang on a bit longer; have patience; assess what has gone before so that you don't have to repeat it, or so you don't build (the same old) defects into the next go-around.

There is a project/business management approach called Theory of Constraints explained and illustrated by Eli Goldratt in various business novels. So there can be business loss if a department manager does what is best for his department (the local optimum) even though it's not good for the overall profitability of the company as a whole (the global optimum). Think global, and the whole of you improves and benefits. When you identify a weak link, so to speak, that can't be changed, organize other links or behaviour to get the most out of it.