The Hierophant - 5


Hierophant5 is The Hierophant.

This word - Hierophant - may be unfamiliar to you, and in some decks the card is named The Pope.

The card might mean religion, and following a particular set of rules. The answer to your question might revolve around, not just ordinary beliefs that people have about what is possible, but religious beliefs that require some blind faith in an invisible cause. The laws of science may be provable or repeatable, but it's not the same with religion. You might have to face the irrational, or proceed on a basis of faith.

If you have ever been to a church service, then this card can also represent ceremony and formal behaviour; there is a structure underlying what is done and this may be the key point for your answer. Is there a plan; do you have a beginning, a middle and an end; if not, figure them out. Does everyone know his or her place and duties? There ought to be teamwork to achieve the common goal.

The card may also represent a large-scale organization that would control many aspects of one's life. You asked a question: do you know what you are trying to do, and how far you want to take it?

What a Hierophant actually does
On the other hand, instead of seeing the card as representing just organized religion, a hierophant is one who initiates others into deeper mysteries, or who reveals secrets that will remain hidden to most people. There is an agenda here that makes it different from just normal church-going.

The Hierophant knows more, or at least knows the next step that others are supposed to take. He initiates - helping other make a good and strong beginning.

There can be guidance with this card, though this does not mean ultimate knowledge. Someone will tell you - or you can tell others - the next step or two that takes you part-way along your path. The ultimate end may be knowable or implied since you can follow through to a logical conclusion, but the final outcome is not what is important here.

The picture shows one dominant individual, and two others who seem to be receiving instruction, or some kind of blessing or support. Are you in the position from which you can guide others; if so, teach or pass on what you know. Or are you in the subordinate place, and need instructions? This may mean identifying the right person to guide you; or you may have to continue with your education - go back to school, perhaps, or look into options and possibilities for higher education.

This card can also be about secret information or private data; it may show confidentiality agreements or privileged communications and the duties and responsibilities that go with them. Access to people or places will be - or should be - restricted. What are the rules that allow entry?