The High Priestess - 2High Priestess


Number 2 is the High Priestess.

It's not a priest, so it's not a man. Aggression is ruled out.

It's not just a priestess, though it's a woman.

It's the High Priestess - a person in charge of a speciality organization. She has control of overall direction, rather looking after the everyday, ordinary details of its running.

That's you or your role, now or in the future (depending on the question asked). This is how you behave - as the repository of wisdom - within yourself, and in your relations with others. You have specialized knowledge, training and expertise, and others may consult you or ask for your input because of your skills.

We can assume that The High Priestess probably deals, in part, with secrets. They may not be trade secrets that you want to guard - like the formula for Coca Cola. They might be the type of information that is the object of industrial espionage. Or you could be dealing with questions like: Who owns intellectual property? It's not easy to say.

Looking at the picture, we can imagine someone involved with information that is best kept private and with limited distribution because it would be diluted if it were freely available.

Question: what is the valuable knowledge?

The atmosphere is one of quiet reflection and deliberation, rather than hasty action. This can be an indication of the correct way to proceed at this point or with the question you asked. First meditate, considering quietly without distraction or disturbance. Find a quiet time and place where you will be undisturbed, and let a deeper understanding rise to the surface of your mind.

If you have been doing this for a while and have the sense that it's been going on too long, has it? If so, think about what to do next.