Judgement - 20


JudgementThe number 20 relates to the Judgement card, where we see people responding happily to the trumpet call of an angel.

The card is named Judgment, but it looks as if judgement or a decision is being visited upon people. It's not so much about individuals or groups choosing well or badly. Something else is going on.

This is resurrection and renewal, so it's pointing to a positive outcome. You can be confident that your actions are or will be on the right lines for a successful conclusion. If you still need to make decisions, they will be good ones.

The card shows movement, progress, breaking out of a slump, climbing out of some sort of difficulty. There is renewed vigour, and a re-awakened sense of life's possibilities.

We might think of this card as a kind of Judgement Day. It looks like superiors or the more powerful are passing judgement and giving you a chance for a freer future, if you are willing to respond. The past has lost its hold, or its power to influence; your past behaviour has yielded a benefit, or your past actions are being forgiven. Either way, you have a chance of freedom.

This judgement is not so much deciding on a particular course of action, or making a choice and judging which direction is better or best. It's not the people who are doing the judging, in the sense of being a judge or an adjudicator who adds up the pluses and minuses and announces a winner.

There is an announcement and a call to freedom and release. There will be fewer restrictions in the future. It is like renewal or a second chance. The picture shows the possibility of a new beginning, that will be better this time. You have experience - and even if it's experience of failure - that doesn't matter because you now have knowledge that you can build on and work with. That will help you to avoid repeating past mistakes.

All will be well. The call is always going on - let us not be deaf to it.