Justice - 8


JusticeThe number 8 belongs with the Justice card. You may notice XI (identifying it as the eleventh trump) at the top of the picture, but the designer of this deck switched this card with Strength (numbered VIII) to fit a particular sequence in the Kaballah. I'm changing it back.

Justice is or was one of the four so-called cardinal virtues that we need to cultivate if we are going to become good people. This card is therefore about how we behave; our actions are what speak louder than our words; we should remember that talk - to ourselves as well as to others - is cheap. Do people's actions harmonize with their words? They ought to, but they may not.

The concern of this particular virtue involves getting the right balance between our own self-interest and the needs and rights of other people. We are in life. It may not feel like it sometimes, but we're not alone.

We see a figure holding balanced scales and an upright sword. Presumably, part of the message is that decisive action (the sword) goes, or ought to go, hand-in-hand with harmony (the scales). Don't rush into action until you have thought things through. You don't have to be slow and deliberate - once you have figured out the step to take, perhaps having run it through your mind's eye, you can get the job done swiftly.

If you are off-balance, however, or have an idea that is only half-baked, you won't be as effective in your actions, thoughts, movements, decisions or whatever. Etc.

How to find harmony
That last sentence was easy to type, but how do you find balance? Relax. Breathe in and out a few times. If you truly want harmony, relax and it will find you. Enjoy the moment. We should remember that sometime we just want to be annoyed, and so we get in our own way. Kind of stupid, I know.

The figure is placed in front of a curtain. What, if anything, is behind it? Is its presence in the picture a reminder that there is something we don't know - or can't know - about the situation? We can't have 100% knowledge about what we are bringing or have brought into play. Accept this and be comfortable with it.

Have a Plan B - this would be a decent and acceptable alternative in case Plan A does not go the way we expected; or in case A gets too far away from what we want.

Or, is the figure a guard who is on duty, hindering or preventing access to what is behind the curtain? There may be a secret here that you don't know about; or some private information you haven't accounted for.

Keep in mind that there may be a large hole in your plan. Be cautious, even if you think you can't lose. Man plans, as they say, but heaven ordains.

There was once a Chinese king with a perfect plan to destroy his enemy. He trapped his rival along with his army in a particular valley. He blocked the entrance and exit intending to set fire to them with flaming arrows and burning pitch. Then it began to rain, and the enemy escaped, as Heaven ordained.

Or is the figure an emblem or representative of what is behind the curtain? Perhaps you can enter only when you prove that you can use the sword of wisdom to cut through idle thinking?

Justice may make us think of the courts and the law. Maybe you need to hire a lawyer, or have important agreements examined to ensure their legality.