The Lovers - 6


Lovers6 is The Lovers.

This card is called The Lovers, but we don't see Romeo and Juliet, or Abelard and Heloise, or F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald, or any famous romantically involved couple. Instead, it's Adam and Eve, who may be our original parents, and who may have made a huge mistake and caused all of us much suffering and grief thousands of years later.

Sometimes the answer to your question revolves around lovers and partnerships. Are you with the right person? Would you be better off finding a compatible person with whom you cooperate to achieve a common goal. It's going to be that much more difficult if you try to go it alone. And so on.

If we go back to Adam and Eve, though, this number is not just about personal relationships and romance. We can see that it's more about what sort of world or future do you want to create or be responsible for? You will have to live with the decisions you make now, so make sure you're happy with them as much as that is feasible - you do the best you can with what you have. That's all anyone can do. Are you sure you're doing the best that you can, though?

What is possible when you combine with other people? Is what you are planning or imagining realistic and doable? If not, get other people involved, or change the dynamics and relationships of the group, or find completely different people. The card shows a man and a woman, so it's probably the people, rather than the plan itself, that may have to be addressed.

Some older decks show a young man standing at crossroads with his mother on one side, and his wife on the other. Who will he choose? His mother, who represents the past and what he has learned; or his wife, who represents the new future he can build for himself.

You too are at crossroads; think carefully about which way you will go. We have free-will, and there is fate too. At the moment, you can choose.