The Magician - 1



There once was a song called: One Is The Loneliest Number, so maybe your choice indicates a sense of isolation. This is a good thing, though, since you can or should be the center around which everything and everybody revolves, at least for the moment or under current circumstances.

One also represents unity, where all is in harmony — before the separation that 2 brings about.

Enjoy the experience; make the most of it since you are at or near a beginning point. There is newness and change. It's the possibility of change for the better as well, since it's a fresh start and it means fresh chances. Make some resolutions - ones that you will keep. Create; don't just fall into repeating all that has gone on before. We can see the sense of not repeating the bad; we should wonder too if 'the good' is worth doing over again.

The Magician in some older decks is shown as a street-performer, a slick con-man who was able to trick the public through sleight-of-hand. This is not to say that you are dishonest and a cheat; but you may have to be alert to deception (witting or unwitting) on the part of others, and make sure you don't lose focus and concentration. The magician uses distraction and re-direction so he can perform his tricks. It is 'sleight-of-hand' after all; so are you paying attention in the right places? There may be problems clamoring for and demanding your attention, right here, right now. Are they actually important? They think they are, but more importantly, do you? What price will you pay if you leave them undone? Put them in perspective, then act.

The Magician has had training to reach his skill level. He therefore represents expertise, dexterity and quick wit. These may be qualities you should be capitalizing on or taking time to develop. There is also the chance of secrets or tricks-of-the-trade being passed on from expert to student. Which are you? You may be both at the same time, though to different people. You can cause problems if you reveal too much to those who will not or cannot appreciate what they have been given. Silence is golden; should you be following this motto?

There is a clear idea and much thought behind the activity associated with this card. Have you planned properly or enough? Do you have a clear idea of the end result or the destination you want to reach? If you do, the outcome will be as desired. If you don't know where you are going, however, there will be disappointment while you remain in that state.

Take five minutes to think things through.

This card appeared, upside down, for a man who was constructing an extra room in his attic. He had to call in the builders after he cut through a couple of beams that were in the way, but that happened to be supporting the roof.