The Moon - 18


The Moon18 is The Moon card, and this can be a hard one to deal with.

It's dark, and bad things seem even worse at night. Our imagination can run wild and play tricks on us; stray sounds are amplified and fear can turn them into living monsters.

We should remember that we picked a number that is going to show us a positive direction to take when dealing with a current concern. With this in mind, the advice of the card can be to avoid certain behaviours, rather than actively going in search of what is desired. Defence is sometimes the best means of attack.

Rather than seek a solution, how about seeing the illusory nature of the problem - its unreality? They say that revenge is a dish best-served cold, so we shouldn't react in the heat of the moment. That's all very well, but maybe more important is that we should remember that we get back what we give out. If you seek revenge, you are really inviting negative actions - revengeful ones - against yourself.

The picture
The picture shows a dog and a wolf beside an undulating road leading between two pillars in the distance beneath a full moon.

If something seems bad, it looks worse at night. Right? There's nothing like darkness for seeing something in its worst light.

At the same time, we know that it will look different in the morning, or in the cold light of day; it's going to be easier to handle or to deal with, even if it's still difficult. It won't have the same hold over us. This is not to say that everything will be magically transformed into goodness and light, but it will be different soon, and not so scary. Relax; fear is temporary; pretty soon, it won't look as bad as you think it is right now.

When you find yourself thinking that you can't do whatever it is, stop. Ask yourself who is doing the talking. This voice in your head; who does it belong to? You know it's not a friend, and it's probably lying to you as well. You have a choice here, so tune your thoughts to a better station and listen to a hopeful message. You can do this if you want to - and nothing can stop you.

The Moon is one of the darker cards and more difficult numbers, but we can make progress if we are prepared to be given warnings, while remembering to keep a sense of proportion.

The way ahead
You have a road to travel; it's there right in front of you so it's not as if you are starting from scratch and have to make decisions about goals. You know the direction, but you may not know the final destination. There are dips in the road, so you can't see everything that is ahead; there will be times when you are in the dark. That's ok, however, because you know the kinds of things you have to do. Do them without being distracted or shocked off your chosen path. Do what you know is important for your own well-being.

The dog and wolf are animals that run in packs, following a group mentality. It looks like you are to travel a solitary path, and avoid what is merely fashionable or appealing to the psychology of the mob. Spell wolf and dog backwards, and ask yourself if you're going to go with the flow, or go with god.

Think of yourself as a scientist on a voyage of discovery, rather than someone who is seeking consensus and approval. You are an investigator and you want verifiable and repeatable results; a thousand people all saying 1 + 1 = 3 will not sway you in your knowledge that the right answer is 2.

You know the difference between right and wrong. Do what is right.