The Star - 17


The Star17 is The Star, a card that is traditionally associated with success, benefits and good fortune. You should expect a positive outcome, and if you want to make a name for yourself, that can happen too.

We normally see stars at night - they are spots of light shining through the darkness. The advice might therefore be to identify strengths or other good points and build on them; work with what you already know or have, rather than look to new areas for inspiration or success.

To see a star, you have to look up and into the distance. Make sure you have raised your viewpoint - literally keeping your chin up - and are considering the long-term. Examining the ground around your feet would be limiting you in some important way; you are cutting yourself off from living fully, and we don't want that.

Someone once observed that people tend to over-estimate what they can do in a short period of time, and under-estimate what they can achieve over a longer one. This is probably true, so don't make this mistake. Or rather, with this in mind, plan realistically for what can be done tomorrow, or by tomorrow, by next week, by next month. Similarly, be more confident and expansive when planning or thinking about long-term goals. You can do a lot more than your current, relatively narrow focus would allow.

Different types of stars
The picture shows stars in the sky, but we may think of movie stars or rock stars - there is great popularity and success for a time at least, though there doesn't have to be talent or ability. Some people just look good on a big cinema screen, so there is a certain amount of randomness involved; others will have only their fifteen minutes of fame to enjoy, so make the most of it.

Identify selling points or factors that could be transformed into benefits, and promote them or work with them. In a conversation with a young person, talk about his or her strengths and what can actually be done to increase their value. To fix a financial problem, decide on long-term goals and think about how to get there while capitalizing on current abilities in the immediate future. With a health issue, understand that it's curable and re-organize everyday activities to bring a sense of peace and harmony back (or maybe for the first time) into the life.

You might think you need a miracle, but they can and do happen and there is no good reason why one won't happen to you, unless your mind is closed to it. Silence fear in your consciousness; when it appears, don't fight it, but say hello, then tell it to go away.

Listen to Mozart.

A British wartime poster instructed: Keep calm, and carry on.