The Sun - 19


The Sun19 is The Sun. It is generally considered to be a good card showing confidence, optimism and success.

If you have already decided on what you want to do, just follow your ideas to a successful conclusion. If you still need to choose your path, make decisions with confidence - you are going to be in harmony with yourself and will set purposeful thoughts in motion.

We see a child on a horse, and this may be the key to the type of action we should take. There is simplicity and an uncomplicated enthusiasm in happy children. They are fascinated with some thing or other - but for a time, and then they move on to something else that is different or new. They are not trying to be in control the way an adult or an unhappy child wants to stick with what it has or what it knows in order to feel safe.

Perhaps success comes as a result of child-like knowing, or trust - so we should cultivate this attitude. In one western approach to life, the Bible states that: Only as a child can you enter the kingdom of heaven. Heaven is probably harmony and a balanced outlook rather than a physical location with comfortable chairs and an endless supply of ice cream that, even when consumed in great quantities, magically does not cause weight-gain and high cholesterol or some other health problem.

Do you remember your own childhood dreams and wishes? Have you fulfilled them? Should you do what you originally wanted to do? Didn't you know a lot, in fact, as a child, or before the world corrupted you or did damage to you? Would you have wanted to do it in the first place if you weren't supposed to follow through? I'm saying, generally: Go for it.

The horse - your philosophy of life - will transport you. This doesn't mean you have to read the complete works of Descartes, Hobbes, Locke, Socrates, Kant and the other big guns.

If you have an answer to the question: Why are we in life? and are thinking about it from time to time, you will go far. You may not right now have an ultimate, never-changing answer, but that is ok. It is your thinking about the answer that brings benefits and increasing clarity.

Have a problem? I wonder how your five-year-old child / niece / neighbour / friend's child would solve it. Perhaps you could ask for their input, or consider a suggestion from someone who is not emotionally involved.

The centre of the system
The name of the card is The Sun and we know that is what we call the centre of our solar system. Maybe you should just be like The Sun - let everyone and everything revolve around you for a while, or as an answer to your question. Take the lead; set the tone; set the pace; let others follow you and your example. How would you best act?

Andy Warhol knew he couldn't break into and take over the US art scene. He set himself up in his own space, pursued his own projects, and the US art scene soon began to revolve around him.

It is the light and heat from the sun that makes life possible. In what way are you, or can you be, life-giving? The sun is powerful; act that way, knowing your own power. This is of course easy to say, but maybe not so easy to do if you have fears or if it's your first time in charge. Do it anyway and learn from the experience. Does a child hold back from rooting around in the sand in a sand-box because he doesn't know might be lurking under the surface? Explore.

With 19, you have to go for it. It's a bit like the old saying about: Trust in God, but keep the ammunition dry - except that you don't have to worry about the ammo.