The World - 21


The WorldNumber 21 is The World, and it happens to be the last card in the sequence. We can therefore say it shows completion and fulfillment, and the enjoyment of a successful end stage before a new start.

This can mean the emphasis should be on finishing up and bringing to a conclusion whatever you have been involved with. Take satisfaction from putting a full stop at the end of the sentence, even if you haven't reached the heights you toyed with in your mind in earlier days, or haven't conquered your own Everest. (Haven't conquered yet, that is, though you can plan, and set in motion, another expedition if you choose to do so sometime in the future).

Finishing up can or should be the goal, but don't let it trap you into projecting ahead (since the word goal is not so far away from gaol, the other spelling of jail).

See how this period is one of success - though not, perhaps, when compared to your ultimate life-purpose. If you take stock of the situation or assess the conditions that relate to your question, you will begin again - in whatever form this new start takes - from a much stronger and more realistic foundation. Enjoy the moment; it is yours and great power is available to you.

There is great success attached to this number. 21 is 3 times 7 and if we think of the symbolism of the numbers, that gives completion of the physical, mental and spiritual; or fullness of purpose in the past, present and future.

At the same time, as George Harrison sang: Beware of maya (or illusion). It is the Path you are on that informs your daily living, and not the other way around.

What is your end point? You'll be able to reach it, whatever it is. If, for instance, you have been wondering whether or not something will work out the way you want, then your selection of this number is a strong indication that it will.

This is the culmination of earlier efforts. If they were small-scale, expect a minimum result. If large scale, a big one is yours for the taking.