Contact information:

Telephone: 905.450.7998. I am just outside Toronto, Canada, where we are on Eastern time, 5 hours behind Greenwich.


I may add another email address if I can figure out how to set up an address at this site. The yahoo one, though, has been fine.

Buy yourself a reading with John

1. Figure out the question or questions to which you would like an answer.
2. Buy 15 or 30 minutes via the buttons below.
3. Tell me what the questions are.
4. Check your email for an audio file attachment.
5. Listen.
6. I'll telephone you afterwards if you'd like to talk. Let me know by email.

Extra help with interpreting your answer

If you would like extra help with interpreting the card or cards you chose, this can be done. There is a paypal "Buy Now" button below for either 15 or 30 minutes. We ought to be able to cover everything in half an hour maximum.

Email or call 905.450.7998 if you would like to set up a time. I'll make a recording that you can later download.

15 minutes
30 minutes


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