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I managed to break two front teeth and I think I sound a bit odd at the moment because there is a space where none ought to be. I tried to avoid words with the letter s, but that wasn't possible. Or should I say 'pothible'. I will sound better later in the year.

Each audio has its own screen with a picture of the card it relates to.

It is a windows media audio and is set to begin automatically; it has its own control panel for stopping, rewinding, and controlling the volume.

Internet Explorer users may need to click "Allow" because of the Active X contents. Otherwise use Firefox.

Audio 1 - The 8 of Coins (6 minutes 32 seconds)

Audio 2 - The Knight of Swords (5 minutes 21 seconds)

Audio 3 - Which movie will win the Oscar for Best Picture, 2009? (5 minutes 14 seconds)

More audio coming soon.

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