What is best locally, or globally? (323 words)


What do cards show us? The future? A possible future? What we will be able to avoid in the future?

What is the Tarot's starting point, assuming it has one. Or are cards just projections of our own wishes or fears. What is the cards' reality?

If you go to the business books section in a bookstore, you may find a publication or two on the Theory of Constraints (TOC), or related practices like Agile or Scrum. The idea relating to TOC is, broadly speaking, to identify the bottleneck and arrange the process as efficiently as possible around it. The main application is with business and manufacturing, but the ideas can be applied anywhere to good effect.

One important concept is that the manager of a department can make a decision that is good for his own department, but that is bad for the overall direction of the company. We know this can and does happen. It is a problem because it is the overall direction of the company - the global perspective - that is more important than that of the department - the local perspective. So we can make a judgement on what course of action to take that will benefit the company - the global optima - or the department - the local optima.

A course of action may be not so good for the department, but that's ok because it's good for the company as a whole.

I want to say that the Tarot speaks from the point of view of the global optima (the best thing overall). I'm saying that using the Tarot is really you talking to you, and if we trust it and follow along, the whole life improves. Your wishes can come true after all when you precede the momentum, when you get in front of the overall direction.

What is the momentum - that already exists or that is desired? Identify that, and get in front of it.