My approach to the Tarot (422 words)


I want to show the Tarot as a thinking-outside-the-box scenario or situation.

It's not that we turn to it only when we have exhausted all other possibilities. We can use it that way, of course, but that's a bit like consulting everybody else about what you should do before asking your own self and figuring out your answer.

Time travel
I sometimes watch music videos on YouTube from British television in the 1960s and '70s. Hearing a particular song will sometimes transport me back in time to the people and situations I was involved with when I first heard it. The experience from back then is still alive and real in its own way. It might be associated with a pleasurable course of action or state of mind, or with a situation or type of person to avoid. I hear just the first note of Junior Walker and the All Stars' version of What Does It Take? and I'm in Italy in the summer of 1969. Ah, Italy. Ah, Lake Garda.

OK. I'm back.

Sometimes we can be wondering what to do about a situation, and a song triggers a memory that can be the key to dealing well with a problem. We might say the song inspires us.

Inspiration is everywhere
The picture on a card can be like a song - that may be already known, or that can be unfamiliar. It can activate an idea or motivate us to act a certain way - if we trust ourselves and let it.

We can wonder if we would have had the idea in the first place if we weren't in some way meant to follow it through. How many good and creative ideas have we had that we - or the critical voice in our head - talked ourselves out of? What would we have done differently if fear or lack of courage hadn't stopped us? In what way would our lives have improved if we had been true to our own selves? What would have been different if I had got out of the car and gone home, as I wanted to do, instead of going to that party? I heard a French song once in which the singer, Patrick Bruell, said something about it being better to have regret for things you did than to have remorse for not having tried in the first place. I can see the point of what he was saying.

We all know the difference between right and wrong. There are knowable consequences to our actions. Do we have the confidence to do what is right?

A card or a combination of cards can provide a definitive answer, or be a jumping-off point for further developments. It might be the final outcome, or just Step One.

We might want to see the Tarot as showing us signposts along the way, as we amble along through life.