A card as a scene from a movie (575 words)


A card may be interpreted like a single frame, or a still shot, taken from a movie.

Consider any card and figure out what could have happened in the action or the story leading up to the picture, and what will come after.

5 CupsTake the 5 of Cups, for example. We see three cups separated from two cups, a figure in the foreground, a track, and a bridge leading to a building.

Let's say that cups show emotions and that it was you who set the cups this way. You have been in the same situation for a while - it took a bit of time to arrange the cups - so it is not something new that you are dealing with. You tried to deal with multiple problems or with the many parts of a situation. You have sorted them as best you can at the moment. Now it is time to move on, to leave the current situation and cross the water, or get to the other side of the emotions, and find shelter.

How is this to be done? You might pick a card just to answer this question; or the reader may suggest an exercise or two, or tell the questioner some general philosophy. Forgiving those who have wronged you is a good step in the direction of freedom from pain and suffering; so is counting your blessings and concentrating on what you have rather than what you don't have. These actions change you, and so since you are now different, you attract different people and conditions, and this change is good.

There are other possibilities too, of course. The figure in the foreground may have come across the cups that had been arranged by someone else and is wondering what has happened here. The person may have been going to the building in the distance, and has been side-tracked or distracted by the cups and needs to get back on course in order to reach the desired goal.

The meaning of the card - and the suggestions to be made - will vary depending on the question.

If this card is the answer to a question about whether a relationship will improve, then work done now to sort out what is good and worth keeping will lead to rest and an end to anxiety.

If the question, instead, was: Will I get a promotion?, then the answer is Yes, but probably not immediately. The figure is standing amid upset rather than sitting in a comfortable place; and also, this is the 8th of 10 cards and so it not quite at the end. A lot can be done in the meantime, however, such as getting the hang of interviewing well, perhaps by separating the good and the bad qualities in the self (two and three cups), or understanding the benefits and drawbacks of the conditions offered in the new position; and so on. Applications and interviews are steps in the right direction, but look on them as steps that have to be taken rather than seeing a failed interview as a final outcome, and don't be disappointed if you do not succeed immediately. It's all good preparation, and you're still in an unfinished position; you're in the race, but it isn't over yet.

If we take the movie still or poem approach, we can make sense of any answer to any question, and that is helpful to, and good guidance for, the questioner.