Who will win American Idol 2008?

I never watch the tv show American Idol, but my wife likes the singing since the contestants are actually doing something, rather than just speaking memorized lines of a script that someone else wrote. They may sing well or badly, but at least they are performing and it's live.

The two finalists in the 2008 season were David Cook and David Archuleta. Both had been well supported and popular during the several weeks of the show.

nine_batonsThe night before the result was to be announced, I picked a card to see who would win. The answer was the 9 of Batons. I wasn't really expecting any card in particular, but this was a puzzle. What did it mean?

David Archuleta is younger and sings ballads so a card with a child or young person (a Page?) or showing peacefulness (Cups?) would indicate Archuleta as the winner.

David Cook is older (a Knight, perhaps, or a card showing a mature man?) and sings rock songs (Swords?).

The 9 of Batons shows a man (and not a younger person) with a bandaged head. I thought this meant that David Cook would win since he is older and more likelt to have been through the mill, so to speak, or to have had more time to be injured by life. I decided that Cook would be the winner.

I discovered later that David Archuleta had won a talent contest and a $100.000 prize when he was still a young teenager. Cook, on the other hand, worked part-time in a bar, and played in a band to keep his career going.

David Cook won, but the interesting thing (as I discovered later) is that Cook - and notice the bandaged head in the picture - dedicated the win to his brother who has an inoperable brain tumor.

And some people scoff at the Tarot.