How will my annual review go?


Bill is a recently qualified accountant who has been working at a big company. He seemed to be doing well enough - there had been no major problems so far. His first annual review was coming up, and he wanted to know what it would be like.

The answer was the Page of Coins, but reversed.

We might first think that there is a problem because the card is upside down. It's a Page, a young person, so he might have been acting in a juvenile manner and that might have been out of place in the serious business of corporate accountancy.

The suit is Coins - he might not know his values. He may have given his bosses the impression that he wasn't committed to his job or his position. Or he might not have brought in enough business, since Coins can mean money, and the card is upside down.

This is all very possible.

However, the card and the answer ought to make sense. Bill is not in sales, so it's not his job as a new employee to bring in clients. If he had been a car salesman, on the other hand, then his sales figures - or lack of them - would probably have gone against him at the review. Bill, though, has been enjoying the work, has been co-operative and helpful, and people know that.

What, then, can we say?

Think of The Emperor, or some other, strong card. Compared to him, this Page is weak and inexperienced and doesn't have much presence. The Page is kind of a lightweight, and even less powerful by being reversed.

The review will be nothing to be concerned about. Bill's track record so far will have no blemishes; the review will have no power to upset him.

At the same time, the Page is a youth. Bill is new in his profession and so he can't help but lack experience; he is newly qualified; it's not as if he had been working for years in another firm, and had only just begun in this one. There are some things you don't know because, really, you can't know them - at least not until you have been in a situation for a while. This will be the kind of objection that the supervisor will make, but he knows it's not a real problem - just something you have to go through.

The review was very favourable.

Reversed cards can be useful.



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