Watch videos on the Tarot

Here are five videos about using Tarot cards, and how they work.

I chose Progressive Download over Streaming video because the code for the Streaming option is beyond me right now. I was going to explain the difference for you, but I can't even understand that.

I have a DSL connection, and the files are not so big, so they ought to download quite quickly. If you have a dial-up connection, you may have to wait a bit. This is all very vague, I know, but I want to put the videos up right now, but will endeavour to change to streaming video for immediate delivery, no matter what your connection speed.

Please note: You have to click the Start arrow on the left of the screen. I didn't set the video to auto-start, but it will rewind to the beginning automatically when it is stopped.

8. The Celtic Cross Parts 1 - 5 (about 40 minutes; added February 2009)

7. 5 Card Yes-No: Will the US economy improve significantly in 2009? ( Length 7:58 )

6. The 6 of Swords ( Length 4:21 )

5. How To Shuffle Tarot Cards ( Length 7:19 )
This is about a good routine to follow before laying a spread. Various points are made about cards and their meanings, what to do if a card falls out, and so on.

4. The Celtic Cross Explained ( Length 11.53 )
The Celtic Cross is a ten-card spread that describes the past, present and future. Each of the ten positions is explained and suggestions are made about what a card in that position might mean.

3. A One-Card Reading ( Length 3:28 )
An example reading, for when a simple question needs a 'yes' or 'no' answer.

2. Another One-Card Reading ( Length 3:26 )
This is another Yes-No spread. It shows in part how, even with a single card, you can get details about the reasons for something happening, or not.

1. A Three-Card Yes or No Spread ( Length 6:38 )
Using an odd number of cards, you can get a Yes or No answer that covers the past, present and the future.