You are probably at this site because of the YouTube Tarot videos. I also offer personal readings and this site gives details about the method. I like the questioner to pick a couple of numbers that then provide a starting point. They come from you, so it is you telling yourself what is going on. We examine these numbers / cards. I ask for a list of questions, with as much or as little background information as you wish to give. I like to know the date of birth, and if you also provide the place and especially the time (even if approximate), I take a look at your natal chart and talk about anything that is obviously useful. There is also a handy PayPal button at the site for convenient and safe payment.

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This is a membership site, and it’s not free. There are videos for every card, as well as videos on spreads and getting to know how to read. There are videos on the Horoscope Spread. You get the Past, Present and Future Spread Course, and various books, and help if you need it.
It is a membership site so you have immediate access to the Contents. Nowadays, though, with quick downloads, I am thinking of making everything downloadable so you have it on your own computer and don’t need an Internet connection. I’ll keep you posted about this.

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Astrology is easy, but there’s a lot of it – a LOT of it. People learn a little and it makes sense so they assume they can develop their understanding on top of these beginning points. The problem is you can’t. It is like wheels within wheels, and there are hundreds of beginning points, but most people involved with astrology have never been taught them. Their knowledge and understanding become lop-sided. So they start with an answer, or what they think is the answer, and then find proof to confirm it. They are going round in circles, but they don’t know it, yet there is confidence.
The instruction offered at is not free, but it gives you all you need to make a solid start.

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You will often find that Tarot instructors recommend learning some astrology to add to your Tarot knowledge. This seems like a good idea – after all, they can both be related broadly to “the occult”. It’s a bad idea, though. The Tarot was developed by human being for other human beings. Astrology is extraterrestrial knowledge – it is beyond the earth . It’s a great study and it takes lifetimes to learn.
A hammer or a screwdriver is a tool, and you can learn to use it. People also refer to astrology as a tool, but that totally misses the point. It’s more like a philosophy of a larger Life.
This site offers a number of videos showing what you can do with basic astrology. We look at certain portions of the natal charts of some famous people. Knowing some of the symbolism or rulerships of planets, signs and Houses, we see how they can be used to tell an accurate story of the life events and experiences of these people.
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